Being our client means have access to unpublicized property information, 
wide working relationship with ASEAN investors and expert recommendations.


Office leasing department consists of professionals with wide range of experience in office leasing. We provide one-stop service, from customer liaisons to signing a lease contract, including worry-free relocation service.


To extract the maximum potential from an investment, we closely monitor tenant retention and leasing of the units as they have a direct impact on cash flow.


Japan Properties, by presenting income generating investment opportunities throughout its overseas network, can assist its clients to manage risk through asset allocation to mitigate sociopolitical and currency exchange risks.

Why choose us?

Expert staff for each field

We are a project-based team of specialists with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry as well as its external fields. We are willing to serve our clients’ needs perfectly and ensure client satisfaction. 

Takken broker license 9

2nd-grade architect 1

Real estate consulting master 2

Certified building manager 1

Certified rental property manager 




Face to face communication

We believe trustworthiness is the most crucial character is necessary to have in the real estate industry, and that is why we highly value face to face communication. We listen to the client`s needs carefully, present market conditions and future directions, holding as many meetings as necessary to introduce a well-considered proposal which will satisfy the client. 

Cross border transaction

We have always searched for quality investment opportunities in Tokyo and acquired them ourselves in the past. However, we have decided to offer the same chance to pre-registered overseas investors as well. We would be more than happy to provide initial information about Japanese investment market to those who have interest. 


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