Our Values

In Japan Properties Co., Ltd. we believe that our goal as a real estate consulting company is to deliver high-quality service to our clients ensuring their satisfaction. By doing so, we wish to build a community that would result in long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations.
In Japan Properties, we take special care of our clients and make sure that we are doing our best.

As Real Estate Consulting Company for Expats in Japan, we provide a full line of real estate services, including property management, investment, acquisition&brokerage and office leasing.

Mr. Obata Takafumi, our Real Estate Specialist, B.C. from the University of Auckland, has more than 20 years of work experience both in overseas and Japan.

His expertise includes property management, leasing, and property acquisition.


Shoji Koh has over ten years of experience in the real estate industry. In 2006, he joined Savills Japan, the Japan branch of one of the leading global real estate service providers listed on the London Stock Exchange.

While he was the youngest employee at the company worldwide, his exceptional human skills together with tireless working style won him some leasing sales prizes within the group and helped the company to lay a solid foundation in Japan market.

In 2012, he left Savills Japan and established Japan Properties.